Untied States (note that the t comes before the i in Untied) is an art-rock band from Atlanta, GA that formed in 2003. The musical brainchild of co-writers and childhood friends Colin Arnstein and Skip Engelbrecht (they supposedly met as neighbors at age four), the group is often noted for their exploratory and sometimes elaborate take on arrangement and experimentation with popular forms. Their approach to songwriting has been labeled baroque, deconstructionist and avant-rock by critics and has garnered a wide array of comparisons from the more expected Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Radiohead and Liars and Syd Barret-era Pink Floyd to less mainstream acts like U.S. Maple, The Scientists and the more experimental sides of Wire and The Buzzcocks. Instant Everything, Constant Nothing was released in the UK by Distile in October of 2009 and is slated for an official release on February 16th, 2010 in the US and across Europe. Here's a new music video. Isn't it great. www.myspace.com/untiedstates