Like sailors to a siren, Cathedral Bells draw in their own prey. The duo of Matt Messore and David Carey share their self-titled EP with the world today, out on Good Eye Records. What began as Messore’s bedroom pop project has flourished into well-crafted shoegaze for daydreams and late-night mischief. Listen to it below.

Messore is a worldly person who only truly found himself after returning home to Cassadaga, Florida, where he grew up. Evidence of his time in Grand Rapids, Michigan remains on the internet in the form of his old band’s discography; he had been part of Dear Tracks, another jangly group who likely took more influence from Beach House than The Drums. The new record from Cathedral Bells allows Messore to express his own ideas with a much noisier exterior.

Part of me wants to ignore this music. Several songs, especially ‘Time Capsule,’ shimmer like light penetrating water, turning them into their own dream sequences. The fuzz that hums in the background across the record nestles in my brain, too, so that I don’t have to actively participate. Even beyond its sonic qualities, I’ve not been in the mood to internalize anything. Listening to ‘Cemetary Surf’ is a way for me to not feel so dogged by the death of my friend. The drum rhythm moves too fast for me to analyze my emotions—my preferred way to grieve.

The shadows on the final, notably groovy, track may follow me for some time, and I have come to terms with it. It is really the penultimate number—’Memory Loss’—that gives me pause. Messore posits about the disappearance of his memories, a message that has woken me up. I am better off having known my friend and hope not to forget her anytime soon.

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