Although the name Madegg might be a bit more familiar overseas, there's little doubt that Kyoto producer Kazumichi Komatsu isn't one of electronic music's best and brightest rising stars. After supporting familiar figures like Mount Kimbie, Arca, and Tim Hecker during those artists' respective tour dates, Komatsu's acclaim continues to climb, right on the cusp of his anticipated third studio album NEW.

The new record features the hypnotic and twisting endeavor 'Dragon', eschewing from the aesthetic minefield that the previously mentioned Hecker and Arca so delicately walk. Its an introspective scope inside the entirety of NEW - which will be released by Tokyo label flau - combining interpersonal exploration and grinding analog synths throughout.

Listen to 'Dragon' below and pre-order NEW before its November 20th release

NEW tracklist:

  • 1 Savages
  • 2 Portrait of a Diagram
  • 3 Palace of Robe
  • 4 National Water
  • 5 Chain
  • 6 Dragon
  • 7 Cave Reflection
  • 8 Paste Dream
  • 9 Lineage of Stones
  • 10 Chandelier
  • 11 Unicorn
  • 12 EFS (CD Only)
  • 12 Secret Track (LP Only)