Here's a brand new one from Small Black called 'Boys Life' – a wash of softly muted floating sounds driven by a popping groove, a glittering explosion of uptempo chill that summons images of waves crashing in slow motion and steady pans of gradual sunsets. It's taken from their upcoming album Best Blues out 16th October on Jagjaguwar.

The band were happy to spend a minute talking about their new song for us:

"Boys Life was a lost song. Much like the cover over of our new record, it had been hidden away in a box, out of sight, out of mind. One moderately-whiskeyed evening in Upstate New York this winter, we were flipping through tapes and files to pass the late night hours, and stumbled onto the track, one we thought to have some magic a time ago but had been lost to a computer fry. Through its energy, we were able to find the sound that became Best Blues.

"I spent many weeks the year before helping my Dad clean out his Long Island house, flooded with 5 feet of water in Hurricane Sandy. In doing so, I stumbled onto images and pictures, long thought lost to our family moves years ago. Though totally submerged, I was able to save them by putting them next to the fireplace, which was the only heat we had in the place. The most interesting ones of course closer to the flame. One of these photos is the one you see on the Best Blues cover, taken by my Pops in 1973 in a location unbeknownst to him."