Urban Outfitters, the world's largest "physical" retailer of vinyl records and players (Amazon lays claim to being the world's number one overall seller of vinyl), has upped its credibility. The retailer announced it has paired with celebrated record label Domino for the release of an exclusive compilation series, released in early April.

The 10-track first release will feature some very well-known names from the label, including Hot Chip, Blood Orange, and Real Estate, as well as recent up-and-comers Alex G, Porches, Night Moves, The Range, and more. Head over to the Urban Outfitters website to grab an exclusive pre-order of the compilation before its April 1st arrival.

Urban Outfitters also, for those who may be unaware, sells cassettes. Which has decidedly less fan fare and seems like a heavy-handed nostalgia cash grab. Aren't we all?