Leading up to the release of his forthcoming EP Lost In Motion, Peter Farr has delivered his computer pop title-track, under his Urple Eeple moniker. Intersecting synth-funk and 80s electro, the Oakland producer's latest sonic offering combines thick and warm retro synths with luscious chord work, and intricate rhythms sure to infiltrate the heart of any real beat junkie.

"This was a very interesting EP to work on because it involved using a lot of my Moog Mother-32 as well as heavy use of my HCL Varis Tube Compressor and Buzz Audio REQ 2.2 Mastering EQ," Peter said. "Although these are tools for my mastering studio, I used them a good bit in mixing this song to really develop rich and warm analog soundscapes."

Lost in Motion out on April 15 on Chillage Records.