In an innovative twist on the normal concert streaming experience, it has been announced that Usher's June 11th show at the Hammersmith Apollo in London will be directly affected by the input of fans who are watching and contributing to the show in several forms of social media.

The show, which is being shown live with help by American Express, VEVO and YouTube while being directed by Hamish Hamilton, will allow fans to view the live show with their actions being showcased live by the gig by tweeting "#AmexUNSTAGED" which will thereby be showcased during the event with the singer's reactions changing due to the various tweets that'll be arriving. I'm not so sure how that's supposed to work but you'll be able to see for yourself on June 11th.

Also, the singer's forthcoming LP Looking 4 Myself will be released on June 11th (The day of the aforementioned show) in the UK and on June 12th in the US.