In anticipation of the imminent release of his new book Shinganist, Usugrow has rallied the book’s contributors to action for a show at StolenSpace in London. Together, these five Japanese artists will be taking over the walls of the gallery with stunning new works on canvas, paper, wood and felt. Shinganist is an intriguing look into the work of some of Japan’s up-and-coming young artists. Straddling the fine line of street art, skate and tattoo culture, while simultaneously drawing inspiration from centuries of traditional Japanese imagery, True to the meaning behind "Shingan" - those who create based on visions spurred by the mind’s eye and those who are not affected by the opinions and expectations placed on them by the outside world. The work being presented is a testament to those who live life for the love of art. From body art to street art, these young men have explored every aspect of the creative world. They have fought passionately for the right to express what the mind’s eye has shown them and have succeeded at every turn. Encumbered by the weight of societal expectations, they defy the prescribed life path and valiantly pursue the life of the "Shinganist". Bringing us art born from passion, a harmonious blend of various culture’s aspects absorbed over time that still reflects a style inherent to Japan, this show will be one of a kind. To accompany this show will be the release of a limited edition screen print by Usugrow as well as signed copies of the book Shinganist. Shinganist opens tomorrow, Thursday, July 23rd and will remain on view through September 8, 2009. Details at More on Usugrow at