After over three years Oxford trio Ute have decided to call it day.

The band will play two finals shows next week, in their native Oxford and London, before going their separate ways.

In a post on their tumblr the band announced the decision:

"This is a message inevitably tinged with sadness, but there’s no point dressing it up…the next two gigs that we have will be our last in this current incarnation. They are:

  • Saturday 10th September - Blessing Force 4 at Modern Art Oxford
  • Friday 16th September - The Borderline (London) with This Town Needs Guns
  • It would be amazing to see all of you kings at these two shows, we’re going to make em kick.

    There’s no big ball of flames in this ending (we’re still close as brothers)…we’ve just decided we need to step back for a while. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve done over the last 3 years, and we’ve had some of the best times. There are so many people that we owe so much to…people who’ve put us on, put up with us (more likely), watched us play, shouted a hearty ‘WOAH’ at the end of Innocent Tailor, let us snore on their floor, driven us places, shared a stage with us, bought a record, played us on the radio, written something about us…it’s all meant so much. It’s always been pretty crazy to us that people are not only listening but really enjoying our songs, not sure that’s ever a feeling that we’ve gotten used to. We’ve been incredibly lucky, and so we’ve got to thank everyone who deserves it - you know who you are (there are too many of you),

    Having said that, there are a few people who we need to have you know who they are, because without them we’d be absolutely nothing…Ness, Grace and Anna (immeasurable thanks for putting up with us); Theo the artmaster; Tom Jackson the sax destroyer; Mr T for the house space and the party tapes; King Kev from BSM Tom Robinson; Tim and Dave from BBC Oxford Introducing…you guys are flipping bananas but we love you - thanks so so much for your support; Ronan from Nightshift; our Alcopop label-mates, who all deserve to fly; Hollie Coe for helping us get our shit together; Vez for opening our eyes wider; Tim…tim…tim…how can we ever repay you? Fourth band member, hardest drinker, longest-distance driver, bat-eared producer…if it wasn’t for you we’d never had got out of the garage…a true hero; and Jack Alcopop…we owe you so much it’s not even real..Alcopop is something so special and it’s been an honour to be a part of it. Also your strong face will never be beat.

    We’ve got a couple of recordings kicking around that we hope to do something with…and the recent Brother single which is out on Alcopop…we’ll keep you updated on these.

    So…see you in the future. Remember us kindly. Thank you, thank you.

    Love, ute x"

      Ute Final Shows

    • 10 Sept - Oxford, Blessing Force 4 at Modern Art
    • 16 Sept - London, The Borderline (w/ This Town Needs Guns)

    Ute's recently released single 'Brother', is out now on Alcopop! Records