This is Vacationer with the aptly named ‘Trip’. It’s a couple of months old now, but we just started this section so BACK THE FUCK OFF. Vacationer are a band from the Eastern Seaboard. Which Eastern Seaboard I couldn’t say, but what I can tell you is that they like nothing better then just chilling out. They list it as an influence in fact and 'Trip' is testament to that sentiment. It houses a particularly grainy beat; a great sampled loop gently leads you into the track, giving the whole thing a nice late 80’s / early 90’s hip-hop / dreamy finish. Lyrics are simple enough: they’re heading on a trip because ‘that’s what they need’. Don’t we all. Unless it’s a trip to Blackpool, which is something no-one needs. I love the vibe on this song – it’s just so unassuming. You could easily co-habit with this track. Hell, I’m sure if you stole a bit of that ice cream they brought the other day from the communal fridge-freezer they wouldn't care in the slightest. Why can’t more people be like this tune? Sigh. You can download the track by heading to