Lætitia Tamko aka Vagabon has a new self-titled record coming out on October 18th through Nonesuch. We've already heard the excellent 'Flood', and she follows it up this week with 'Water Me Down'. Tamko explains the track's origin, saying:

“I wrote ‘Water Me Down’ in a stream of consciousness way in the few minutes following a frustrating phone call with someone. Coincidentally, I was at my friend Eric Litmann's house who has a recording setup in his bedroom. I sat on his bed on a winter NYC night with a standard 58 mic up close to my face, and laid down the bulk of this song that night. We then went in and collaborated on the different textures... I tackled drums, arrangement, melodies and production. Eric played the synths and handled co-production. My intention with ‘Water Me Down’ was to create a playground in which to explore difficult feelings with confidence, triumph and foresight.”

Beyond the obvious musical gift that Vagabon has, the above quote and 'Water Me Down' highlight her ability as transmuting her emotions into something vibrant. The new track features a lightly bumping beat, adorned with flickering keyboards, which manage to get under the surface of Tamko's skin. She sings of frustrations and disappointment, but in 'Water Me Down' you can hear the instrumentation nagging at her to reverse her mood and turn them into something positive, which she just about manages to do by the end of the song's delightful duration.

Vaganon's new album Vagabon comes out through Nonesuch on October 18th. She's got some intimate UK and EU dates ahead:

10/21 - London, UK @ St. Pancras Old Church
10/22 - Brussels, BE @ Autumn Falls @ Botanique - Brussels (B)
10/23 - Berlin, DE @ Kantine am Berghain
10/24 - Paris, FR @ Hasard Ludique