Welcome to Label Picks for New Music. Every fortnight we invite a label to pick one up and coming band on their own label and another not associated with the label. This fourth edition features LA-based Vagrant Records.

Picks come from Jeremy Maciak who does A&R and Marketing for Vagrant Records and has been with the label since 2008.



Active Child is poised to set the world on fire. The debut album, You Are All I See, is a work in perfection, one of those very rare albums that can be played from start to finish (or anywhere in between) without ever getting stale or repetitive. Tracks like ‘Hanging On’ and ‘Playing House’ instantly catch you, while songs like ‘Johnny Belinda’ and ‘Way Too Fast’ are simply supernatural. Pat Grossi and company have elevated their live sound as well, taking in the energy of the audience and superseding the record for a completely unique experience, something largely uncommon in electronic based music. Required listening: “Hanging On”

You can hear more of Active Child here



California Wives from Chicago are an incredible band and brilliant songwriters. They capture a sound reminiscent of bands like The Lightening Seeds and New Order, melding melody with beautiful instrumentation and rhythm. I first came across their music online and through their publicist, Brooke Black, who has impeccable taste...once I heard “Blood Red Youth”, I was hooked.

You can hear more of California Wives here