Splitting his time between upstate New York and Toledo, Ohio, Jared Gaines faced a tumlutous childhood, packed with more than his fair share of hardships. Gaines, now living in Los Angeles, has harnessed those difficulties into his moody, atmospheric bedroom pop project Vaines. Today, Gaines is releasing his debut single for the project, 'Nobody Like You.'

Building off a foundation of alternative R&B, which will make comparisons to The Weeknd inevitable, 'Nobody Like You' is bristling with raw energy. Gaines' breathy vocal performance conveys his desperation, while the instrumentals pulse with power. It is an exciting and promising debut from this burgeoning artist.

"I’m thrilled to be sharing my debut track as an artist today with The 405," says Gaines. "I have this tendency in situations that feel hopeless to, rather than take action and solve the problem, just kind of stew in it. This song is a reflection of sometimes accepting your own misery and really letting those dark thoughts in."

Stream Vaines' 'Nobody Like You' below and be sure to keep an eye out for more from this up-and-coming talent.