Playmaker's '80s Synth Romance Valentine Update:

Ready or not, here comes love. Saint Valentine has reportedly been seen swerving above heads with his army of cupids, ready to fire arrows of love. Well, we're attempting the same thing - metaphorically arrowing some warm and heartfelt synth music your way. It's a blessing in disguise, really, so we've divided today into four segments/cycles, with a healthy, balanced, romantic timeframe based on the position of the sun:

Morning: A breath of fresh air is greeting you.

Navigateur - Breathe (taken from the album S U R F A C E)

Floating somewhere between ambient, synthwave and vaporwave - this airy, calm and breezy flow gets you settled in nicely and keeps ascending cosmic rays of love roaming free like a kite dancing in the sky. Navigateur goes straight for the heart. Long sweeps of mystical synth wind blow romance through the air like there's no tomorrow.

Afternoon: Let's take a ride in the sky.

Nightcrawler - Genesis ft. Dana Jean Phoenix (taken from the album Metropolis)

Colouring the sky with hot air balloons on a perfect romantic afternoon, Nightcrawler and Dana Jean Phoenix are cruising on uplifting thermal heats. Beneath you is a beautiful synth pop landscape, telling tales of love with vocals that remind us of Nordic pop divas.

Evening: Keep the fire burning and feast.

Timecop1983 & Femmepop - Timescapes (taken from the album Childhood Memories)

Ultra nostalgic winds of change blow when Timecop1983 and Femmepop stroll hand in hand down memory lane. The song 'Timescapes' sets the clock back in time and keeps the fire burning with desire. So throw another log on the fire, we're home at last and it's time to settle down on the sofa, cuddle up, watch a romantic comedy and share a pizza - olive on top!

Night: Romance on the dancefloor.

Rick Shithouse: Synthetix.FM's Synthual Rendez-vous (Mixtape)

So, let's parler Français, c'est la langue d'amour, n'est-ce pas? Let's bring the day to a close with a bitching party. Our hearts are beating in sync with the music, pumping bodies everywhere as we're locked in to each other's eyes. Rick Shithouse is deejaying a massive selection of '80s inspired synth wave songs and will throw in the occasional slow dance as well.