If you've ever roamed the depths of Berlin’s music and art scene for long enough, you most certainly have had the privilege to see Valerie Renay in the flesh. On stage, as a core member of pop-noir duo Noblesse Oblige, she has been part of a performance piece or taken on the role of the strong and empowered frontwoman. The French-Caribbean singer keeps transgressing genre boundaries and has built, throughout her career, a fascinating link between music, performance art and fashion.

Ahead of her show on the 17th August at Pop-Kultur Festival in Berlin, Renay has now released ‘Sailor’, the first single off her debut album, Your Own Shadow. Co-produced with Kreidler’s Alexander Paulick-Thiel, the album gathers a collection of empowering and ethereal songs with a strong component of dark electronics while exuding melancholically sung Lynchian atmospheres, which you can experience in ‘Sailor’

Watch below the video for ‘Sailor’, directed by Sebastian Lee Philipp.

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