As we inch closer towards the release of their new album Father Of The Bride (out May 3rd), Vampire Weekend have been sharing new songs in couplets - and today brings another fresh pairing. The new tracks are called 'This Life' and 'Unbearably White', and again have their roots in Vampire Weekend's root sounds while moving it to new territories.

Written with Aerial Reichstad, 'This Life' is the most straightforward pop-rock song so far aired from the new collection, with a peppiness that harkens back right to their debut album. On the flip side, 'Unbearably White' is a more sombre outing, laden with tension-increasing strings and a three-dimensional production style that just immerses you in their heart-rending world. Check out both tracks below.

Vampire Weekend's Father of the Bride is out May 3rd - pre-order the album, including limited edition orange vinyl, here.