Vancouver band Jo Passed have today revealed their signing to legendary Washington label Sub Pop, as well as the details of their debut album Their Prime. Put those two things together - Jo Passed Their Prime - and you get an idea of the demure humour at play in the band's music. It comes from central figure Jo Hirabayashi, who has been a self-proclaimed "freaky music weirdo" in the city's DIY scene since his teens. Whereas his earlier projects were iterations of solo ventures that eventually ran out of steam, Jo Passed has been gradually growing with the addition of members until they became the fully formed quartet we have today. They will be releasing Their Prime on May 25th.

The first song to be taken from the album is called 'MDM' and is a rollicking rock number, as much indebted to math rock as it is to slacker and grunge - which seems to make Sub Pop an ideal home for Jo Passed. Cutting and thrusting through frenetic guitar workouts, 'MDM' is the sound of a band with a point to prove, arcing their way heroically towards the horizon with squealing guitars and head-down determination. The album is said to be about "owning [his] worst nightmares" and "confronting fears," and Jo Passed seem to be wrestling something gargantuan and doing it absolutely fearlessly here. 'MDM' is wrapped up in under three minutes, but suggests a whole world of potential to come on Their Prime.

It comes accompanied by a video directed by Eleanor Petry, about which Jo says “something something, on my phone too much, something something, marshall mcluhan, something something, stanley kubrick, something something, the medium is the message, something something, ouch my insides.”

Watch and listen below.

Thier Prime comes out through Sub Pop on May 25th and can be pre-ordered here.