As part of our Artist Playlist series, Quiet Hollers share their love for transportation, namely their tour van. You can pre-order their self-titled album by heading here.

"This playlist is based on tour van listening. Obviously, as a band in America, we do a lot of driving. That time is usually spent reflecting on/recovering from the night before, making awful jokes, and preparing for the night's performance. I tried to reflect that with this set of tunes. The rawness, the shared mood or aesthetic of the various themes-- all of this is pumping us up for the show, curing the hangover, covering the silence between dick jokes. There are also picks from every band member in here, though most of them are mine. That, too, is reflective of true van life. Sorry, dudes."


We've provided you with three different ways to listen to this playlist because we're super nice people. However, if a track is missing from one of them, don't blame us; the streaming landscape is rife with inconsistencies.



  • Swans - 'Blind'
  • The Clash - 'Janie Jones'
  • WU LYF - 'Spitting Blood'
  • Richard Buckner - 'Surrounded'
  • Cop Shoot Cop - 'Room 429'
  • The National - 'Anyone's Ghost'
  • Vance Joy - 'Riptide'
  • The Notorious B.I.G. - 'Gimme The Loot'
  • Built to Spill - 'Liar'
  • Twin Limb - 'Long Shadow'
  • Death Grips - 'Hustle Bones'
  • Queens of the Stone Age - 'Give the Mule What He Wants'
  • Black Sabbath - 'Sweet Leaf'
  • Nick Drake - 'Black Eyed Dog'
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - 'Jack the Ripper'
  • Black Flag - 'Depression'
  • La Mont Young - 'A Perfectly Tuned Piano'
  • State Champion - 'Don't Leave Home Without My Love'