D**t P**k, Phoenix and Kavinsky might be leading a current French charge on the international music business, hiding their tricolores behind globally friendly electro, future disco, synth-rock and house, but one of the real powers behind the throne, Ed Banger Records, have been quietly driving la musique electronique in their home country and abroad for some years now – ten to be precise.

The label, set up in Paris in 2003, found early success through releases by house-rock duo Justice, reinforced by a healthy succession of signings and recordings: SebastiAn (co-producer of Kavinsky's Outrun alongside Daft Punk's Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo), electronic artist and film director Mr Oizo, experimental indie dance creators Cassius as well as occasional choice cuts from legendary techno and house producer Laurent Garnier to name but a few.

Along with fellow Parisian label Kitsune (behind the fortunes of crossover artists including Bloc Party, Cut Copy, Is Tropical and Simian Mobile Disco and Yelle), Ed Banger has sealed its place behind the decks of dance music history in a relatively short space of time, thanks to strategic and selective development of its roster and support from friends and collaborators such as Erol Alkan, DJ Mehdi and James Murphy.

A strong approach to album artwork as well as the label's physical, broadcast and online design has resulted in a distinctive look and feel for Ed Banger, who have worked with art director Bertrand de Langeron, operating under the name So-Me, for a number of years. In his own words, Lanergon has admitted that a particular strategy for the label's aesthetic doesn't really exist, explaining, "It's pure spontaneity, with some particular taste and accidents." Fantastique.

There's a neat timeline of the label's artistic output, including flyer, t-shirt, album designs and posters for your viewing pleasure right here.

Ed Rec, Vol X, which features tracks exclusively recorded for the occasion, covers pretty much all bases: smooth electro-funk from Krazy Baldhead ('My Soul Is Like A Tree'), Mr Flash ('Reckless') and DSL ('In Your House'); soft synthpop by Breakbot ('The Beach') and SebastiAN ('Moi'); jagged tech-house courtesy of Justice ('Brianvision MMXIII') and Mr Oizo ('Secam'); the upbeat sounds from Cassius ('Sunchild'), and the glitch-hop of So-Me ('Typical Footprints') and label founder-manager, DJ and all-round industry head Pedro Winter, aka Busy P ('Still Busy').

With heavyweight inclusions like the curiously named breakbeat track 'Coleslaw 43' by Feadz and the deep and dirty house on Boston Bun's 'Grinded' amongst a selection of mostly strong and contrasting productions all rooted in electronica one way or another, it's easy to see why Winter - former manager of a certain helmet-donning French electronic duo - is one of the most respected dance music label heads operating today.

In a recent interview, Winter – who started out in Paris DJing and promoting shows with a then little-known David Guetta – said, "After managing Daft Punk between 1996 and 2008 I wanted to create my own history. By creating Ed Banger records I launched my own musical adventure in a way. I learnt so much with Daft Punk, I owe them a lot. Celebrating this 10th anniversary is very emotional, I'm proud I managed to write a pretty nice musical chapter in my life. Daft Punk as chapter #1 and Ed Banger records as chapter #2 is pretty cool."

Pretty cool indeed. Vive la Ed Banger, here's to another ten years.