The latest release from the French label Wool Recordings the Woolly Jumpers compilation is a strong, but not entirely overwhelming beast. Made up of music that mostly falls under the neo-psychedelia, or perhaps more general folk umbrella, Woolly Jumpers is full of nice songs made by nice people. In this sense the records title suits it well. Essentially spinning a twee and homely sound Woolly Jumpers reminds the listener, or maybe just me, of cold winter days huddled up in warm clothes listening to nice music reading a good book. Strangely nostalgic days, where the only overriding memory is being cold but it's a somehow a good memory none the less. Woolly Jumpers mostly seems to be made up of hard to find singles released by the label, built into a summery of ethos and mood of the label. Tracks from Laetitia Sadier, Wolf People, Sarabeth Tucek, Peter BroderickJunkboyLe Volume Courbe as well as many more are included.

It is sometimes genuinely difficult to recommend compilations on their own merits, as they obviously lack the cohesion and craft of a standard album. Normally a reader can tell if a compilation is their cup of tea simply by looking at the artists involved, if you like one of them then the chances are the rest will fall somewhere within your boundaries, and the record is worth checking out. The obvious, and somewhat boring, conclusion is that if you like any of the artists listed above (note for fans of Peter Broderick: his track here is not entirely typical of him, although worth a look at), Woolly Jumpers may just be for you. As a collection of tracks it's somewhat monotonous and doesn't really change dramatically in genre or tone. This is far from a bad thing, simply put you know what you are getting, and it's an easy collection to recommend simply because you pretty much know when somebody is going to like it.

So haven't heard of any of the listed artists and are wondering if you'd still like Woolly Jumpers? Do you like Neo-Psychedelica? If so, you may well like Woolly Jumpers, as it contains some excellent examples of the genre. Wolf PeopleDave BixbyPeter BroderickLeatita Sadier and Double U all produce excellent songs here and the rest of the album isn't far off the standard that they set. If it's your sort of thing then listening to Woolly Jumpers is certainly an excellent way to spend an hour. To the wavering however, the lack of variety means that recommendation is difficult to provide, as the compilation caters very specifically for a certain type of music fan. In conclusion, acquire according to your own taste.