Nearly a month after Newcastle's mysterious folk songstress Vashti Bunyan announced Heartleap, her third official studio album and first since 2005's beloved Lookaftering, the singer-songwriter has revealed that the LP will be her last.

Bunyan's story, which has gained some veritable notoriety since her surprising rise back in fame in the 2000s, is certainly an interesting one. After releasing her debut album Just Another Diamond Day in 1970, the album didn't lift off and Bunyan gave up on her singing career. Three decades later, Just Another Diamond Day became a somewhat legend to internet-savvy crate diggers, selling on eBay for several thousands of dollars. The album was re-released with bonus material in 2000, earning the respect of acts like Devendra Banhart, who contributed on Bunyan's Heartleap.

The lengthy recording process for her now final LP started as far back as 2007, spanning recording studios at her home and in the states. "I neither read nor write music," she says. "Nor can I play piano with more than one hand at a time, but I have loved being able to work it all out for myself and make it sound the way I wanted. I've built these songs over years. The album wouldn't have happened any other way."

Heartleap will be released October 6th in the UK via FatCat and the 7th in the U.S. on DiCristina. Listen to Bunyan's seminal 'Train Song' below.

Check out the tracklisting below:

  • 01. Across The Water
  • 02. Holy Smoke
  • 03. Mother
  • 04. Jellyfish
  • 05. Shell
  • 06. The Boy
  • 07. Gunpowder
  • 08. Blue Shed
  • 09. Here
  • 10. Heartleap