American troubadour Vera Sola is releasing her debut album Shades next Friday (November 9th), and ahead of that has given us another glimpse of what's to come with new song and video 'The Cage'. Like previous songs 'Small Minds' and 'The Colony', Sola's new track is full of dramatic ambitions, describing large scenes and cinematic moments. Sola expands more on the inspiration of 'The Cage', saying:

“On the surface, the Cage is a retelling of the second book of Genesis. It’s sung from Eve’s perspective, till about 3/4 of the way through the song when it switches to the voice of God. Since it’s about biblical “first woman, second person” it’s by extension the story of any femme-identifying individual living in a patriarchal society. It wasn’t till I’d been singing it a while that I realized it was also a uniquely personal reckoning with my own sense of self and identity. Not just as a woman, but as a person who’s spent their life in the long shadow of who and what I came from."

She's emphasising the themes of the song with a video she's created and directed herself. She talks about the clip, saying: "The video is a collage of imagery evoked by the above. I borrowed an affectionate 6 foot boa constrictor from a friend, danced with ire in the shadows and fit my whole body into my mother’s old birdcage. (No one believed I could do it, but I won that bet.) Subtle. I know. So it goes."

Watch 'The Cage' below.

Vera Sola's debut album Shades comes out November 9th. She's playing some European dates shortly after:

13 Nov - Nottingham @ Rough Trade
14 Nov - London @ Shacklewell Arms (free)
15 Nov - London @ Rough Trade East