Vera Sola is a singer who grew up between New York and Canada, picking up plenty of experiences along the way - including a literature degree from Harvard. Add to that some years playing in Elvis Perkins' band, and you've got the perfect concoction for an experiential and honest songwriter. This is what we can expect to hear on her debut album Shades, which comes out on November 9th.

The entirety of the instrumentation and effects on Shades were created and recorded by Vera Sola herself. In lead single 'Small Minds' this detail gives her song a homespun warmth that enwraps the road-weary cynicism of the lyrics. Each of the songs on Shades sees Sola using her poetic background to weave a different feminised character into life, and on 'Small Minds' we take up the position of a jilted lover; the sprightly bass providing an unlikely backing for the opening lines "I want to hurt you/ I want to make you feel alone," as if she's taking some pleasure in envisioning the experience. This quickly turns hollow when the song falls back on to mournful strings and she asks "but what do you care at all?"

Not to be beaten down so easily, Vera Sola spends the rest of 'Small Minds' infusing her character with an inner strength and stubbornness, picking herself back up again in a gentle dustbowl dance to total self repossession.

'Small Minds' also comes with a video, which Sola describes, saying “I wanted the visuals to convey a sort of opulent decay. The degradation that comes with the power of technology: of our bodies, of possibility for meaningful connection, of any jab at true romance. And the loneliness of all that—the extreme and singular loneliness that comes with physically being with someone while they’re off in the cloud, in the ‘net, all webbed up somewhere else." Have a watch and listen below.

Vera Sola has a few live dates planned around the November 9th release of Shades; you can catch her here:

Live dates:
8 - 11 Nov - Utrecht @ Le Guess Who?
13 Nov - Nottingham @ Rough Trade
15 Nov - London @ Rough Trade East