If you aren't already familiar, Seattle band Versing are ones you should get to know, as they are going to be releasing their new album 10000 on May 3rd via Hardly Art, and it seems set to be a stormer, judging from the scorching lead single 'Tethered'. The band's leader Daniel Salas explains:

'Tethered' is “about how people are tied together... It's a reminder of the interconnectedness of humans, to people who make excuses for not doing the right thing.”

Those ties, metaphorical or not, better be pretty tight, as Versing take us on a thunderous ride through 'Tethered'. Undoubtedly indebted to the likes of Sonic Youth, 'Tethered' is undergoing aural combustion from its first second, as layers of guitars and frantic electricity gradually pile up, while Salas' vocal strains to maintain contact with the outside world. Check out 'Tethered' with its video below.

Versing's debut album 10000 is out May 3rd via Hardly Art (pre-order).