Vessel (aka Sebastian Gainsborough) has officially announced the tracklisting and name of his upcoming debut LP and it'll be called Order Of Noise. In addition, we also have the eleventh track off of the LP, a new single titled 'Court Of Lions'.

Starting off interestingly with what seems to be the mixing of a tribal drum or two, it slowly builds into a haunting and flat out brilliant piece of modern electronic music. You can listen to 'Court Of Lions' below and Order Of Noise will be released on September 24th through Tri Angle Records. While you're waiting, why don't you check out the tracklist for Order Of Noise below?

  • 1. Vizar
  • 2. Stillborn Dub
  • 3. Images Of Bodies
  • 4. Silten
  • 5. Lache
  • 6. Aries
  • 7. 2 Moon Dub
  • 8. Scarletta
  • 9. Plane Curves
  • 10. Temples
  • 11. Court Of Lions
  • 12. Villaine