Vessel, the music project of Bristol-based producer Sebastian Gainsborough, has been fairly quiet since the release of 2014's Punish, Honey, but that all comes to an end today with the announcement of a new album called Queen of Golden Dogs, which is set for release November 9th (digitally) and November 23rd (physically) via Tri Angle Records. He has also shared a bolshy new track called 'Argo (For Maggie)'.

Gainsborough apparently decamped to rural Wales for the creation of Queen of Golden Dogs, although you wouldn't know that from listening to 'Argo (For Maggie)', as it is filled with a clamouring melange of sounds that suggests a bustling metropolis at rush hour. Vessel capably stacks these elements together to create a multi-dimensional tower of sounds, with an insatiable rush pushing it towards a hand-clapping break down, where he begins the chaotic construction once again. Once rebuilt atop cavernous booms, 'Argo' is then propelled forward on aerodynamic synths, guiding it towards its frantic finale. Check it out below.

Vessel's Queen of Golden Dogs is available for pre-order from Tri Angle right now.