A Wednesday night spent in a the amazing Buffalo Bar with four bands that like to push the boundaries of sonic soundscapery? Yes please. St. Francis entered the stage first and they were actually alright. Think In Rainbows era Radiohead with a post-rockier vibe and you'd be close to the mark. It would have been nice to be actually understand what the singer was talking about but as far as second gigs go they showed a lot of confidence. Next up were The FM Flash. What I liked the most about this band was their ability to let the songs breathe. So many bands within the 'post-rock' genre subscribe to the same forumla of slow build up while demonstrating they have four different levels of distortion. Not with these guys though and I appreciate it. Surely I couldn't like all four bands on the bill? Correct. Next up were Eat Lights; Become Lights and blimey were they boring. They definitely had a more up-tempo feel to them, kind of like when Boris go for it, just instead of ballsy/heavy rock they've exchanged it for a stadium rock sound. Not good. The next part of the evening was the hardest, waiting for Vessels to start. Not just because I love the band and that I'd never seen them before but more the fact that the changeover lasted far too long. Did they make up for it when they finally set everything up? Hell Yes. A true sign of quality is making a 40 minute set feel like a five minute set. Songs like 'A Hundred Times In Every Direction' and 'An Idle Brain And The Devils Workshop' sounded just as good live as they do on record, which I wasn't expecting. In fact, all their songs sounded faultless. On the basis of that performance I'll definitely be seeing them again.