Stone Jack Jones, a veteran of Nashville's vibrant alt-folk scene, is sharing a new single today ahead of the release of his upcoming LP, Black Snake. The song, 'I'm Gone,' is a pensive, elegiac exploration of morality and death.

Jones, who describes the song as "a story of slipping from one world to the next. of following our loved ones there," flexes his troubadour muscles over an atmospheric mix of instruments -- guitar, trumpets, piano, banjos -- meant to invoke the timeless nature of the fears about the great beyond.

Ruminating on such existential subject matter is a tried-and-true formula for capital-S Serious songs, but Jones' songwriting and the track's carefully paced structure keep things from getting too formulaic or indulgent. Instead, the poignancy of Jones' ideas shines through, resonating more and more as each instrumental layer falls into place.

You can watch the video for Stone Jack Jones' single 'I'm Gone' up above. His new album Black Snake is due out Sept. 14 on YK Records.