Slightly late (but the right week at least) we have a taste of Dia De Los Muertos with Victor Rodriguez's incredible hyper realistic painting 'FolkSkull'. The shadows and reflection of the flash, texture in the iris of the eye and detail in the hair is striking. As is the eerie bowling ball-like painted skull. Rodriguez, born in Mexico City now lives and works in Brooklyn. His large scale paintings range from playful portraits referring to the language of advertising to more conceptual pieces based on other historical art works. For more examples of his work see below and visit his website.
Photobucket 2BananaHead_Bird, Acrylic on canvas. Photobucket Rubik/Diamond/White Acrylic on canvas. 96x78" 2010 Photobucket FolkSkull, Acrylic on canvas. 78x78" 2010