The aim of 'Video Digest' is to explore the process, inspiration and meaning behind music videos by allowing the artist(s) to go into more detail than the usual press release will allow.

The video is about my views on what happens when you die, juxtaposed with the Cassini space probe. It's in dedication to my Granny who was a wonderful woman who passed away recently.

The Cassini probe was sent on a mission to Saturn but it's inertia has taken it all the way into interstellar space by now. I don't believe in any afterlife or anything but matter never disappears, it only changes state. We're all made up of star stuff anyway so I like to think of my Granny going on an amazing galactic tour.

The video was shot in my mate's bedroom with a bed sheet on the wall and some lights. I tried to make some papier måché planets with balloons like I did in primary school but they didn't turn out as spherical as I'd like! I think the crapiness of the planets and the mic, that's unplugged, spinning around adds an endearing quality to the video and Tom Mitchell (the drummer of the band and one who shot the video) put lots of effects and layers to it. It came out looking very, "My Bloody Valentine" and I'm really happy with it!

Written by Ewan Grant of Algernon Doll.

The track is taken from Citalo-pop, which is released on June 10th via Common Records.