The aim of 'Video Digest' is to explore the process, inspiration and meaning behind music videos by allowing the artist(s) to go into more detail than the usual press release will allow.

The video was the first time the new band lineup had 'performed' together, after only 2 full rehearsals. The stark visuals and quick edits are in contrast to the songs floaty yet jarring mood, with the vocals providing the lysergic edge and the churning keys driving the song along, almost like clockwork.

It was shot in a few hours in a studio in Acton and introduced the new lineup and the new sound in a way we never thought possible. The reaction to the new material has been amazing, considering the fact that it's so different to our previous work, and this video has given people a taste of what to expect from the new album.

Neils Children released their third album Dimly Lit, on 10th June 2013 via French label Boudoir Moderne.