The aim of 'Video Digest' is to explore the process, inspiration and meaning behind music videos by allowing the artist(s) to go into more detail than the usual press release will allow.

This video, and song, are about one theme. Being connected to a single moment and becoming completely immersed in it. We wanted to create a video that echoed that theme, to create something that reinforced that idea and had some sort of narrative. The idea behind it developed from a sketchy original concept of a character running and being chased. After what I remember to be a pretty quick discussion the concept evolved and seemed to click into place to become something that we all were excited about.

The video was filmed on a cold weekend in January near Ardrossan on the West Coast of Scotland. Shooting outdoors in January seems to be a running theme for the band, one which we are all keen to put a stop to. We had to time our shoots according to the tides so a couple of very early starts were in store. The difficulties of filming on a beach became apparent on the first morning when one of the cameras got jammed with sand and almost gave up. The cameras were promptly wrapped in cling film.

The clock itself wasn't in working order when we bought it. We all developed some weird love/hate relationship with it. We had taken it to the beach on a few occasions for test shots before the filming proper and Drew had the job of carrying it around, driving it to and from the location and taking it back to a third floor flat each time. The clock would eerily start ticking away in the back seat of the car like some sort of child frustrated at being belted up. The chime would randomly sound and it would suddenly tick at double speed, which became pretty unsettling. It was a surreal moment when we finally destroyed it. Although the whole weekend had been building up to it, there was a part of everyone that felt weird about it. It felt like some sort of sacrifice. At one point it made the strangest sound, like a last breath.

The highlight of the weekend came in the shape of a massive swan who swam up from nowhere and seemed to be pretty interested in what was going on. There wasn't quite enough time to write it into the story, but it put on an incredible display when the clock was in the sea, standing up on its legs and spreading its wings. We weren't sure whether this was in approval or a warning to get off its patch.

Written by Monika Gromek of Quickbeam.

Quickbeam will release their self-titled album via Comets & Cartwheels on 3rd June.