The aim of 'Video Digest' is to explore the process, inspiration and meaning behind music videos by allowing the artist(s) to go into more detail than the usual press release will allow.

We had planned to do an animation for this track but as time was running out we couldn't pull things together. So whilst in our wee studio the week before the release and a few cans of T in the belly, our drummer Nick suggested we try doing some dances along to the song in the hallway.

The lights and doorways in the studio hall were perfect and when speeded back up it looked great, so a few messages about and we had a wee crew willing to dance for Nick! Edited together along with the song and all the video cost was a case of Tennants and a bit of self respect - easy.

Woodenbox's second album End Game is out on Olive Grove Records on May 27th 3013.