Well, this is certainly something. Video Salon marks the first collaboration between Arcata, CA-based musician and producer Brian Pyle (best known for his work as Ensemble Economique) and Russian musician and vocalist Galya Chikiss (the mastermind behind Not Not Fun Records' 2014 She Knows More Than She Thinks compilation).

Dreamed up in Berlin, while Brian was crashing with Galya during a tour, and completed in Northern California, Video Salon effortlessly integrates spectral Russian-language folk music with hazy cosmic drones. Dusted up by burnt-out dub production techniques sprinkled with faded memories of the '80s and the '90s, it's exactly the sort of sound and vibe Not Not Fun Records consistently nails against the wall. I'm getting a real Wild Palms vibe off the whole project, which for those unfamiliar, was essentially Twin Peaks for the cyberpunk generation. Disused motel rooms, busted up TV sets blaring out Nexus Magazine style "spiritual infomercials," fading VHS tapes playing back degraded cartoon recordings, digital ghosts, and a whole bunch of hallucinogenic augmented reality technology thrown in to boot.

You can stream Video Salon here, or purchase it in digital and cassette tape formats via Not Not Run here.