Vietwow! is the side project of Frank Black and Rivers Cuomo. Ok, that's not strictly true. They're actually a supergroup consisting of ex-members from Meet Me In St. Louis, Blakfish and Super Tennis (as well as a current member of Youves) but if the band had anything to do with it, the former statement would be more accurate. Vietwow's debut single was released Monday on the unusual 5.25inch floppy disk format, as well as the more usual digital download format, so make sure you give that a listen. Now, let's find out more about this mysterious band... Hi guys. Could you introduce yourself to our readers? We are Vietwow! and we are Still Gosh. So, you're releasing a Floppy Disc? How's that going for you? Does anyone still have Floppy readers? No they don't, but at least it spares anyone actually having to listen to us. In truth it's on CD and the floppy is just how it's packaged but it's a nice idea isn't it? How do you feel about the 'supergroup' title? And do you feel any sort of pressure coming from the bands you came from? The music we're playing is so far removed from any of our old bands that the fact we have been in certain bands before is kind of irrelevant. We're only in a band together because we all get on really well, I guess it's just a reason for us to hang out as we're all busy with other stuff. The music isn't really very important, I suppose it's just a bi-product. What would you say are your biggest influences? Musically for this project, Weezer and the Pixies. I thought it was obvious... Photobucket You sound like a college band from the early 00's. What with the floppy disc and everything, I presume this is deliberate? Kind of, when the guys at Idle Hands asked if we wanted to do a release with them they suggested it. It made sense. By "You sound like a college band from the early 00's", do you mean we sound like a bunch of shit 16 year olds that can't play their instruments? Only joshing, I know what you mean really, but do your readers... Have you got a tour coming up? Where can we see you? We're doing a couple of dates at the end of November to support the release, the details for which will be released soon and we'll probably do some more in the new year. We're taking it easy and not letting it get in the way of the other things in our lives, I think we're all pretty jaded when it comes to touring. You don't seem to take yourselves too seriously - would you describe yourselves a comedy band or a serious band that likes a laugh? We're definitely not a serious band, but we're not a comedy band either, I'd say we're just a pretty lame band hiding behind a decent sense of humour. Tell us a joke Crusti Crocs, Crusti Crocs, If you ask for the time, he'll show you a clock, It'sCrusti Crocs, Crusti Crocs, He has some sheep and he calls it a flock, He's a Crusti Croc, Crusti Croc, One ball's big and the other one's not, it's Crusti Crocs, Crusti Crocs, Oh my God I'm STILL GOSH Photobucket You can visit the band by heading to