Stockholm based songwriter and producer Vilde has released a psychedelic new visual accompaniment to latest track ‘Flash In The Pan’. The Australian native is a master of the surreal in both sound and vision and his latest offering is a head spinning and woozy slice of dark pop. Awash of layered vocals and distorted instrumentation, the effect created is one of ultimate uncertainty.

The young artist, real name Elin Ghersinich identified himself as a leading force in new alt-electronica last year with his consolidation of released tracks Study/Dance. This collection saunters freely between intense industrial beats and downtempo electro soundscapes drawing comparisons to an equally wide array of acts including Radiohead, ANONHI and Gold Panda.

‘Flash In The Pan’ is also the first taste of a forthcoming new album, Thud, which will be out 13th July.

In writing this new release, Savage reflected on and refined his creative process: “Thud was a new experience for me. I realised that I felt like the last time I really knuckled down and dug into something was making the Kins album in 2012. I’d lost touch with the concept of work ethic in music. Everything since had been whimsical, I believed inspiration was reliable. My productivity waned. I felt an urge to prove to myself that I could actually commit to something and follow it through.”