The ever-compelling Conor O'Brien has today announced the release of the fourth album from his Villagers project; The Art Of Pretending To Swim will be released through Domino on September 21st.

Where 2015's Darling Arithmetic was a sparse affair, it seems Villagers will be returning to a more fully fleshed out sound on the new record. Lead single 'A Trick Of The Light' emphasises this with a steady pulse and a groove in the bass that has slight hints of R&B, which O'Brien certainly emphasises with his vocal delivery. The track is later veered more towards the classic folk roots we know Villagers for, with delicate string arrangements and whistling theremin guiding us down an overgrown garden path, as we chase 'A Trick Of The Light'.

The new track comes with a video directed by Bob Gallagher. Conor says of the collaboration: “Myself and Bob got together and discussed the song thematically and came to the conclusion that there was no other option but to make a short film in which we follow a dishevelled shamanistic protagonist who mysteriously triggers an altered state of consciousness in everyone he meets, or at least believes that he does. We also wanted lots of dancing and to inspire a general feeling of "what the hell did I just watch?" in the viewer.”

Check it out below.