If you were overcome with worry as to where the hell you were going to store your ever growing record collection when IKEA announced they would be discontinuing their Expedit shelves earlier this week, you can step down from the ledge. The world's leading retailers of shoddy meat balls and furniture have addressed the situation, including the upcoming expedit shelves' successor Kallax. The replacement was originally thought to be a false prophet, a vile unit not quite big enough to store a 12", but it seems like that's not the case, and the second coming may truly be upon us.

IKEA's Janice Simonsen insisted in an article with the Huffington Post that the Kallax shelves has the same internal sizes and uses the same internal fittings as the Expedit, and will also feature new rounded child-friendly edges. Because, as everyone knows, vinyl collectors are totally cool with letting children get that close to their collections. The new shelves thankfully hit shelves before Record Store Day on April 19th.

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