Repetition is the key. Just ask Stewart Lee. Repetition is the key. It will unlock and liberate your meditative potential. It will lift you to a clearer state of understanding. Repetition is the key. Repetition is the key.

So why do so many drone artists give the impression that they have recently suffered a lobotomy? Maybe drone bands tend to approach class-A drugs with the same vigour as they do when hammering a single chord for hours on end. I understand how that could lead to some major psychosis. Maybe it's all for show. Or maybe the genre is simply a beautiful, flickering light bulb for already damaged moths.

Psychedelic drone experimentalists Vision Fortune are an odd bunch too. A band that promises to produce a mixtape for each time Dennis Rodman visits North Korea certainly grabs my attention. On that basis alone, you kind of hope that Vision Fortune don't take themselves too seriously. However, that isn't to say that we shouldn't take them seriously. Night Jukes is a mesmerising yet obstinate EP in which monolithic ideas are few and far between, single chords and riffs stretch out for minutes seemingly bleeding into hours, and the end result is one of brooding enrichment.

Most songs on the EP begin in exactly the same place as where they end. Opener 'Heavy Saddles' starts with a crunchy guitar blurting out a single chord over and over again. As the track progresses, rhythms jostle into place and synths enter the slipstream, but nothing major interrupts the unwavering mantra stipulated in those crucial opening seconds. The entire EP pretty much follows the same pattern throughout. Subsequent tracks bring in vocals, but there is no attempt to make the lyrics particularly stand out, instead they simply bring another layer of smoke to an already hazy trip.

'Natural Faze', for all its abrasive guitar textures is gladly softened by the breezy vocals, turning the song into a sort of spirit dance, whilst 'Drag' lurks and sulks for the entire of the track's six minutes and six seconds. 'In My Fathers House There Are Mansions' evokes the paranoid freakout psychedelia of 1970s California with menacing, scatty guitar lines, ending, rather unexpectedly, with 50 seconds of sci-fi synth transmissions. With closing track 'Black Ocean Grow', Vision Fortune finally abandon their stubborn ritual of finishing as you begin, allowing for a brooding brass section to pull the EP out of sight and into the darkness.

Night Jukes is stoic, single-minded and demanding. Never flinching, never giving inch, but never coming across as pigheaded. Vision Fortune create an aura of spirituality and enchantment without ever letting up with their relentless mantra of meditative repetition.