Sony CEO Andrew House spoke at Tokyo Game Show today revealing that Vita TV will launch with 1,300 titles available as well as Vita updates to the system. No titles have been announced as of yet, however that's a pretty big promise!

The very low entry price tag of $99 is a promising strategy from Sony to introduce new casual gamers and families. The console will act as a little mini-TV that will take over your living room, receiving video services, books, karaoke, and others services to output to your TV screen.

Sony has revealed there will be new announcements at a later date about cloud services for PlayStation TV.

It was also later revealed at the same press conference that Sony is planning a 5 million sales forecast from November 2013 to March 2014 for the new upcoming flagship console, the PlayStation 4. Previously, Sony aimed to sell 6 million PlayStation 3 consoles back in 2007, but fell short and sold 3.6 million units. Looks like the PS4 will make up for the PS3's less than impressive launch during the last console cycle.

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