So many artists, so many shows, so little time! We could write a whole essay on what to see at Iceland Airwaves this year but let's focus on some of the must-see electronic artists.


You should definitely go and check out aYia. Their track 'Water Plant' has been on repeat since it came out. What a sound! Their show at Silfurberg is bound to be lit.


IDA/IDK is a fresh face in the Reykjavik music scene and is making some really nice ambient chill grooves. She's not playing on venue this year, but you should catch her at one of the off venues!

Kælan Mikla

Got nothing but love for Kælan Mikla. There's something about trios ∆ especially when they are dark and having an existential crisis. Catch them at IÐNÓ on the Wednesday.


Hatari are playing the same night at IÐNÓ. They are a feast for the eyes. Electro Punk straight from the heart. Plus, they have a mystery drummer, and we do like misery... I mean mystery. Dance or die.


Finally, Kiasmos! What a duo. Did you know that they are responsible for producing one of the greatest Icelandic pop songs of all time?

Be sure to catch Vök at the Reykjavik Art Museum on November 4th.