When we get our artist picks back they usually admit one of two things; either the band/artist in question sees it as a quick and easy little PR exercise or they put a little soul into and seem genuinely to enjoy introducing themselves to the wider world. Volcanoes quite definitely fall into the latter camp (gladly) and likewise their quirky, brass-tinged, soulful tunes are genuine and highly enjoyable. Thanks boys! Name: Kevin Shirley & Samson Bedford About me: Kevin - Guitarist/Singer, and other things. Lead guitarist and backing vocalist and (small fry) 2nd songwriter in Volcanoes, Lead vocalist and songwriter in Paper Planes Samson - Errrrrrrr what to say……. I love playing music and being in a band, it’s kind of all I really want to do for now. I like ninjas and chess and I don’t like Max Clifford. When I grow up I want to be a spaceman, a surfer and a bee Listening to: Kevin - Marquee Moon by TELEVISION – why, the guitars are bloody great – really simple and really catchy. Hot Chip’s first album – I just had one of my own songs mixed in a studio and a sounds a bit Hot Chip (unintentional) so I’ve started listening to them a bit more and discovering that they’re really quite good, which leads to: My recent studio recording – Paper Planes – who knows what EP, and then other things like: Easy Tiger by Ryan Adams, a lot of BBC6music, Golden Silvers, Pearl Jam’s new single – The Fixer, Nicole Atkins – who is brilliant and noone seems to know, Into the Wild Soundtrack and then the megamix of music I get when I put my ipod on random. Samson - I listen to loads of music, though it is mostly indie that I like. My favourite band is the Strokes. I think their 2nd album is a masterpiece but it didn’t seem to get enough respect. Currently I really like Dinosaur Pile-Up. They are a dirty, loud and heavy 3 piece from up this way (Leeds) and their tunes are so stompy and fun to listen to. Also they practice at the same rehersal rooms as us but they do it in the day when we all have to work so we haven’t met them yet. Other bands that influence our music are The Coral, The Chilies, The Music, Wolfmother, The Beatles and Queen. I just like music that has an energy to it, that’s why Snow Patrol haveso far ceased to excite me. My guilty pleasures are Ace of bass and Roxette, hit me with that Scando Pop woop woop. Reading: Kevin - Currently: The State of Africa – Martin Meredith (non fiction). There’s a hell of a lot I don’t know about the world so why not try to learn something at least. I feel like I live in a hole and don’t pay enough attention to what is really going on outside my 4 walls. Africa is one place I’ve found an interest to start learning more – it’s a very complex continent with an incredibly complex history – a country with areas of massive natural beauty and then histories of terrible human atrocities. My parents grew up in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and moved to England due to lack of prospects in the 70s. However I don’t know a lot about the history of the country (Rhodesia/Zimbabwe) and why the politics got so fucked (just look at Mugabe nowadays). Maybe once I’ve read it I won’t feel such an ignoramus about where my parents came from. Prior: Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of humanity in Rwanda – by Lt General Romeo Dallaire. Again – non fiction . If you’ve see Hotel Rwanda then Nick Nolte’s character is based on this guy. It’s a horrible read, and incredibly moving, but more so sickening. Inspired me to learn a bit more about the history of the politics in Africa. Prior to this it had been a LONG time since I’d read. But I vaguely remember Otis Lee Renshaw:I blame society by Rich Hall which is VERY funny,..and The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, and The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger Samson - I love The Flashman Papers by the late George MacDonald Fraser. Those books are just so rude and defo not for girls. I’ve also recently read The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger + The book Thief by Marcus Zusak Oh yeah and I found The Watchmen to be actually quite profound You should ask Shirles about books though as he reads much faster than me because he is clever Watching: Kevin - Shooting Stars from last night on iplayer. Bring back Never Mind the Buzzcocks!. Last night I watched Inglorious Basterds – which just could be my favourite Tarantino film – I thought it was absolutely fantastic. I’ve watched Moon recently at the cinema which was weird but thoroughly enjoyable. And if you’re partial to a bit of Sam Rockwell (which you should be) then I’d recommend ‘Choke’ (based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk) which is both silly and deeply sad, but more so sad. Anything to do with a novel by Chuck Palahniuk (the guy who wrote Fight Club) is damn good cynical fare. I’d also thoroughly recommend Milk, Into the Wild, Che parts 1 and 2, and a lesser known film called Things we lost in the fire. I try not to watch much telly at all, but I love Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, except when his guests are the Dragons from Dragons Den or Peter Andre and Jordan Samson - After tea I am off to see District 9 Fav films of mine are Clash of the Titans and Ghostbusters I don’t watch much telly as it takes too long Playing: Kevin - my acoustic guitar Samson - Table Tennis / Chess / Halo / Love Eating: Kevin - the leftover soup my girlfriend made a couple of days ago, and generally pasta, cake and coffee, and wine, or beer Samson - tonight I had a cheeky cheeseburger on the way home + and for tea my lovely lady is cooking me tuna steaks + pesto My fav meal ever was Scallops with black pudding Anything else?: Kevin - No – I’ve not eaten yet and I’ve got low blood sugar Samson - School is good for you Promo Info: Kevin - Volcanoes Myspace www.myspace.com/volcanoes, Official Volcanoes Website www.myspace.com/kevshirleymusic Samson - We’re releaseing out new EP on 5th October called ‘Shaking that Brass’ and we’re having a huge launch party @ PLUG in Sheffield on Oct 10th to celebrate We’ve got fook loads of other gigs in the pipe – for details see our myspace! facebook group – we are volcanic