Once again Beulah Maud Devaney is taking a Vommercial Break to berate the best and worst adverts on TV. Categories are heavily prejudiced and nominations are welcome.

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I don't know what's wrong with me this week. Having bathed my brain and soaked my synapses in all the adverts clogging up the TV channels I just can't seem to get very worked up about them. In fact, I kind of want to live in their world and buy their things and ride a fleet of DFS sofas around Watford and wash my hair in tractor oil and hang out with Santa in October. I just want this safe, cozy life where spending money makes you happy and everyone has loads of money to spend.

Look at this Google advert of Andrew Willis "Skate Park Engineer" googling how to build a skate park in two weeks.

He seems so nice and the skate park looks good and look at all those cheeky kids sticking their tongues out and being incorrigible scamps. Upon first viewing there does seem to be something vaguely sinister about someone being able to google how to use industrial chemicals and how to build bombs anything they want.

But hey! People have always used Google for nefarious means and as these photos show, the human race is basically suffering a moral break down anyway. I can't even seem to get worked up over the fact that they're advertising how much they've helped local Hackney enterprises while continuing to pay less UK tax than I paid as a Sales Assistant at Woolworths. Instead I just want to carry on googling "is Dwight Schrute fit in real life?" (answer: yes), while eating a premature mince pie.

As the rest of the 405 team jet off (board a Megabus) to Iceland, this means no column next week - so let's just take a moment to embrace one of the greater truths of life: make yourselves happy, buy some shit.

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