Once again Beulah Maud Devaney is taking a Vommercial Break to berate the best and worst adverts on TV. Categories are heavily prejudiced and nominations are welcome.

If you'd like to send us your thoughts/nominations, please email us at hello@thefourohfive.com. Happy viewing.

Most accurate representation of Christmas"

Marks & Spencers - A Magical Christmas

As the camera creeps through a table of Christmas food, dogged by the malicious elf of generic toybox/Xmas music, it becomes apparent that M&S has started doing food so well they've actually tapped into our collective loathing of the holiday season.

Chicken lollipops, presumably rehabilitated from a KFC ad, "pesto drizzles", a tree made of macaroons. As the lack of real food makes itself apparent, the nation steels itself for countless office parties, full of warm wine and Dr Zeuss style canapes.

Most shocking revelation:

Top Gear - The Perfect Road Trip DVD

N... No... No... Surely not? Jeremy Clarkson is a bit racist? The true surprise this advert offers is that when lightening strikes it doesn't carve Clarkson in two and allow a syphilitic Mr Toad to escape. But yeah, buy it for your dad or something because it's in no way dated since the Top Gear heyday. Now, post-recession, that we're a nation living on food banks posh blokes driving and trashing cars is just hilarious, right?

Most sinister rendering of a sisterly bond:

E45 - Twins, Laura and Emma

Everything starts out sweet and light, Laura and Emma are twins and they're hugging in camisoles (as twins are wont to do when confronted with a pink room). But just like in the infamous Pillowman play something sinister is afoot. The E45 people have become sick of dissecting flies and cats in the back alley and now they're ready to start on people.

One twin is given E45, the other isn't given any, watching those little frowns appear, watch the smug smiles, oh oh! And now one twin is stealing the life-giving E45 from her sister! Gone is all suggestion of sharing and the twins are now in separate rooms, lotioned up but alone at Christmas. [view it here]