Coachella has barely finished its second weekend and, already, people are clamouring to go back to the sun, the sandstorms, and smorgasbord of bands that were spread over two weekends in California. Most people would normally settle for just planning for next year, or watching the sets online while scrolling through the photos they took or that they found on Instagram, but not VRation.

VRation is a 3D recreation of the festival grounds, using FPS-like controls to wander around a model of the fields. Though you can't watch any of the bands again, you can drop "cubes" of photos for other users to take a peek at how you saw the festival. The purpose is to give a different spin on the photo sharing experience. Each user can collate an album of photos of, say, Outkast and place the "cube" approximately where you were in the crowd (if you can remember), so other users can come along and take a look through your photos. It's not quite a time machine to take you back, or send you into the future for next year's, but being able to wander the field again, albeit on your computer and with the distinct lack of crowd, will scratch at least some itch until next April rolls around!

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