Every time someone listens to an artist's track on Spotify the service pays them $0.005, so naturally no one's making any real money from you streaming their music and it's certainly not going to fund a tour... or is it? Los Angeles band Vulfpeck have masterminded a way to shake Spotify down with their new album Sleepify,"the most silent album ever recorded."

The record is 10, 30ish-second long tracks of complete silence (the 32-second long 'Zzzz' is a real barnburner), and the band want people to listen to it on repeat as they sleep, estimating that each individual listener could bring in as much as $4 a night.

But they're not about to drive their dumptrucks of money into the sunset should their master plan take off, they're going to give it back to the people in the form of a free tour, the dates of which will be determined by which areas Sleepify has been streamed the most.

It's a great idea that could be fascinating if it takes off, and at the least it gave us the awesome Nathan for You-esque pitch video that you can watch below, but I can see a flaw in Vulfpeck's plan. Piracy. Do they not realise that all you need to do to pirate their album is plug your ears?

Stream Sleepify here.