Remember Vulfpeck? They had that one song that went like this " " and the other that went like this: " ". No? Well that's no surprise. There newest "album" Sleepify was more stunt than music (and by "more" I mean that it definitely was). It was an album of complete silence designed to be played repeatedly on Spotify while you slept, or whenever really.

But it wasn't meant to help you sleep, it was meant to help Vulfpeck sleep by raising them a big pile of money. The album was rigged to game Spotify's system, and one full night of streaming would net the band $4. But they weren't just looking to get rich, they planned to use the money to go on tour to the areas where Sleepify had been played the most. Unsurprisingly, this plan didn't sit well when Spotify and they asked the band to remove the album from their service after they'd allegedly raised $20,000 from it.

Well the album's gone now but it's not clear who actually took it down, before it disappeared Vulfpeck released a new EP titled #Hurt, which, in a radical departure from their previous work, was actually audible and featured a discussion of the email they'd received from Spotify.

While it's a bummer that we can't stream it anymore, don't fret, Sleepify is with us always. It's there in the pauses between sentences, and in the fade out of every song. Wherever there's silence there's Sleepify, and at the end of it all, when you breath your final breath and the light leaves your eyes, Sleepify will be all you know.