With their debut album Live wild Die Free out this week, Swedish band Vulkano decided to share their top 5 mythical creatures with The 405. How did they know we were such massive mythical creatures nerds?

Before you get to that, check out this live performance of 'Choir of Wolves', recorded last December in London.

The Troll

Trolls live in the deep forests of Sweden. There are different kinds. Some are really big living in the mountains and some are really small living under the earth. They possess magic and they love gold and jewellery and keep big treasures in their mountains. They are not very sympathetic but we love them because we can sense their magic powers in the woods.

The Unicorn

The unicorn is a beautiful creature with the body of a horse and a spiral twisted horn in the forehead. They are proud but shy and always fight for justice and freedom. We admire goodness and looks. We wish we could ride on one.


A "vätte" is a Swedish little leprechaun always dressed in a grey cap. They live under people's houses and you never see them but they see everything you do and brings good luck for the people who live there. But if you're rude to the "vätte" they will make your life a living hell. Lisa has a "vätte" in her basement.

The Bird Phoenix

The bird Phoenix originally comes from the mythology Ancient Egypt and stands for immortality. When it dies it burns up and reborn from it's own ashes. We just think it's really cool.

The Cyclops

Cyclops are one eyes giants occurring in Greek mythology. They live on a Greek island eating humans. We like the one eyed look.