To celebrate their forthcoming UK visit, and the release of their forthcoming debut album, we asked the brilliant Vulkano to pick their five favourite music videos of all time. Before we get into that, check out the video for 'Vulkano', which is taken from the aforementioned album.

  • 2nd December – Sebright Arms, London
  • 3rd December – Birdcage, Bristol
  • 4th December – Gullivers, Manchester

Their debut album, Live Wild Die Free, is released on February 3rd 2014 via Vulkano Music.

1. Björk - 'Wanderlust'

This music video is breathtaking. The animals are amazing and the scenery so beautiful and imaginative. Björk is such an inspiring artist and we admire everything she does. We believe she must be from another planet.

2. MGMT – 'Your Life Is A Lie'

MGMT inspires us to follow our visions and ideas in everything we do. It seems like their imagination and innovation has no end. They were one of our main inspirations when we started Vulkano. They have their own little space in our heads when we create music. We feel like it's our sibling band even though we don't know them. Just like Björk they totally have their own beautiful weird world going on.

3. Pink Floyd – 'Live at Pompeii'

We love Pink Floyd and we love volcanoes. When they meet it's like a wet dream! This live video from 1972 Pompeii is magical.

4. M.I.A – 'Bad Girls'

M.I.A is so fucking cool. My god. No mercy. We wish we were like her.

5. The Knife – 'A Tooth For An Eye'

A tooth for an eye. The Knife has been one of our favourite bands since we were 15. Their latest live show "Shaking the habitual" was genius and we got really inspired in how they used the stage to mix all kinds of different art forms such as music, performance, dance and film. They are definitly one of the world's most innovative bands. The Knife shows us a piece of the future and we like it!