Oyinda's 'The Devil's Gonna Keep Me' gets a dark remix courtesy of super new musicmaker W/O, who twists Oyinda's voice with fuzzily distorted vocoderiness, and chops it into stuttering fillets, pitch-shifting occasionally. Synths grind and crunch in flowing pseudo-organic pipelines of electronic vivacity. Popping percussion supports syncopated kicks and slapping snares, the slow-march rhythm for this menacing and abrasive track with its dank, subterranean feel.

A fitting remix for the original, whose bottom-of-a-well or trapped-in-a-haunted-castle feel, effusing from its ancient resounding piano stabs and brutalist beat, is at odds with the golden glow of hope in the flashes of strings rising from the darkness, the sure and soulful voice of Oyinda herself.

The NYC-via-London-via-Nigeria artist will be playing alongside Tei shi and Yumi Zouma Brooklyn venue Baby's All Right on November 15th. Grab tickets here. 'The Devil's Gonna Keep Me' is also available for purchase on iTunes, if you like.

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